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Emilia Productions Miami, LLC was founded to continue developing and producing innovative independent non-fiction films with a global outlook.  Our aim is to document local stories that resonate with Miami’s vibrant and diverse international community. We are committed to work with local talent on contemporary social issues, education, history, and culture. 

Embargoed: Reclaiming Memories - TRAILER

EMBARGOED: Reclaiming Memories
This is a new work-in-progress film by award-winning documentary filmmaker, Luis Perez Tolon.
A return to the childhood home and family hotel, embargoed in 1960 by the Cuban Revolution, now in ruins, triggers notions of EMBARGOED dreams, memories and family history, and questions ideals through the passage of time.
Be part of this film, a poignant personal reflection of the definition of embargo, a word that sparks international controversy within Cuban-American debates.
An animated visual deconstruction of the definition of embargo, “to seize a ship or goods for state service” moves the story forward. The film is based on footage filmed when my sisters and I returned to San Miguel de los Baños, a mineral springs resort town east of Havana where we had spent our early years. Seeing the family hotel in ruins, a surprise reunion with Onelia, our Nanny, and visiting El Hatillo, the family ranch where we had lived a carefree life, we came face to face with the ghosts and dreams of our past.


With the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.

Our Mission

We focus on stories about immigration, exile, freedom of expression and cultural assimilation. Themes that explore narratives with rich historical and anecdotal details, shared memories and family history. Through our lens and independent voice, we aim to challenge viewers’ curiosity and stimulate personal reflection.

The Storyline

A good story  makes a compelling film. We start with a well-crafted script based on real-life situations and experiment with form and content. We choose concepts, events and life stories that inspire, question or expand the notion of truth. We believe in the collaborative artistic challenges of the creative filmmaking process.

Infinite Technology

Today’s developing technologies allow us to go beyond in our creative endeavors by using contrasting visual textures and varied multimedia formats. We incorporate audio, music, professional HD video, verité cinematography, interviews, archives, TV news footage and images captured on home video and mobile phones. 

Looking Ahead

We develop non-fiction educational projects that lead us to new discoveries. We foster audiovisual communication to understand alternative realities from different perspectives  in our changing times. We are local and think global, we want to break barriers, tell untold stories, and in the process, we want to provoke and inspire our audience with a spark of curiosity.

Recent Films


CARMELINA, memories of a generation.

The history of a generation!

EMILIA, an untold Cuban American story

Who created the Cuban Flag?
Find out through the story of Emilia Teurbe Tolón!
Emilia is a documentary film exploring the life of Emilia Teurbe Tolón, a pioneer for an independent Cuba from Spanish rule. Exiled for insurgency in 1850, Emilia continued to conspire from New York City, where she embroidered the first Cuban national flag, an important symbol for the emerging nation.

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EMILIA, an untold Cuban American story
A multimedia Platform for Coaching People with Autism


This mini doc follows a diverse group of special needs students at American Sr. High School in Miami and their Teacher/Coach Ani Perez. Viewers experience an insider’s view of the challenges these students with disabilities face in their daily lives, in and out of school, and how Ms. Perez’s Adapted Physical Education and sports programs impacts them.

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We believe filmmaking is a collaborative enterprise. Former TV network executives and SEO/SEM online marketing directors make up our experienced production team. Our associates, from the US, Europe, and Latin America, have direct access to international locations. Our past credits include Discovery, National Geographic, Canal + Spain, France 3, Plaza Sésamo (Sesame Street’s Latin America version), ESPN, Univision Television Network, NBC, ABC and PBS, among others. Luis Perez Tolon, award-winning independent filmmaker, visual anthropologist, and former Discovery Latin America/Iberia Director of Production, founded the company with his sister to continue his artistic and professional vocation.

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